Monday, 18 January 2016

Installing a Convertible seat using Evenflo's SureLATCH®

Installing a car seat correctly is not only the most important component of having a car seat in your vehicle, but it is the law.   Baby Getaway has many different brands available for rental which are all approved and comply with Canadian regulations and standards for use in Canada.  Installation is crucial in the safety of the child should an accident occur. Make sure to follow the installation instructions of your particular car seat as each has different manufacturer requirements.

When using the LATCH system on your car seat, make sure to use the designated UAS bars in your vehicle (check your vehicles' owner's manual to find out where these latches are located).  These metal bars (usually located underneath where the seat back meets the seat), are a part of the car's frame so it will not give way upon impact of a collision.  The car seat can also be installed using the vehicle seat belt, however, if you choose this method,  do not use the LATCH clips in this case. One will impede with the other causing improper installation as the seat will not tighten properly.  The car seat, if installed properly (see video at the bottom of page), should not move more than 1/4" side to side.  Some vehicles will not allow the seat to be installed in the center. Please check your car's owner's manual. Curb side seat (behind the passenger seat) is always the best place to install a car seat if the center is not an available option.

Under Ontario's Highway Traffic Act, infants must use a rear-facing car seat until they weigh at least 9 kg (20 lb.). This is a minimum requirement and it is best to keep your child in a rear-facing child car seat until they reach the manufacturer's weight or height limits.

Babies have large heads and weak necks. The car seats are angled backwards because babies need extra support while riding in a car and a rear-facing car seat will support your baby’s neck in a sudden stop or crash. We have certainly come a long way from the days when babies were placed on parents laps or kids lay across the back seat of the wagon  while travelling in vehicles, without seat belts and car seats.

One brand that Baby Getaway offer for rental is the Evenflo Convertible seat. The seat is referred to as Convertible because you can install it rear facing or forward facing.
For Use Rear-Facing Child Must Meet All These Requirements
Weight 5 - 40 lbs (2.3 -18 kg).
Height 19 - 37 inches (48 -94 cm).
AND top of child's head is at least 1 inch (25 mm) below the top of the child restraint seat back.
For Use Forward-Facing Child Must Meet All These Requirements
Weight 22 - 65 lbs (10 - 29.4 kg).
Height 28 - 50 inches (71 - 127 cm).
Age At least one year of age.
AND the tops of their ears are below the top of the child restraint headrest.

We like this car seat for the SureLATCH® Technology which allows for a secure installation in seconds. Simply click the LATCH into your vehicle and using your full weight, push the child restraint firmly into the vehicle seat to lock in place. Push down to hear and feel the seat auto tighten. You can push down a few times until the seat is secure and does not move more than 25 mm (1 inch) from side to side or front to back at the rear-facing belt path.

See the instructional video below on how to do it.

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